Sunday, June 10, 2012

911 Prank Call

No matter what is said, the video is real. We had been prank callin McDonalds most of the night, and Spencer thought itd be funny to call the police. and you saw what happend from there..

The reason there were so many cops is becuase at the time we lived in a VERY crime free neighborhood, and I guess the cops had nothing else to do.

So they came in and talked to Spencer, and it turned out we knew one of the cops, and we explained that we didnt mean any harm, and they let us off with a warning.

We were young(er) and stupid(er) and made a stupid decision that almost led us into some trouble, so moral of the story. . . . . . . . . Dont prank call the cops!!


  1. Hello this is

    Safety tip regarding 911
    911 is only for singular or plural
    and one or more of the following:

    crime in progress (example burglary)

    life or death emergency (example bleeding from neck)

    life and death emergency (example bleeding from neck and needs to be revived)

    better safe than sorry (example being bitten by a spider it is better to call 911 and get help and it turns out that the spider bite was and is harmless than for the spider bite to be painless for example yet the bitten person dies the next day)

    anything else 911 is called for is tying up the lines

    1. You call 911 if u see a car wreck or have been in a car wreck(vehicualr accident), Loud noise from a neighbors house(disturbing the peace), domestic dispute (loud argument between two people that can/got physical), fist fights, injury (exaples: breaks a leg and is home alone, falls off of their roof,hit by a car, fall down stairs), rape, murder, someone stealing a car (grand theft auto),and theft. You can also call 911 for information of a crime but they are gonna direct you to crime stoppers. You also call them if u see someone speeding down ur street all the time during school let out hours but u needa write down the liscense plate number also. There alot of other stuff but i just named a few more.

  2. Prank calling certain people can be fun at times, but seriously, anyone with common sense should know not to prank 911. even if they couldnt trace it, what if something serious happened somewhere else and that person had to wait because of people prank calling 911. before anyone thinks about pranking 911, try putting yourself in the victoms shoes. That is why it is a felony.

  3. Yeah, I dont think it's a good idea to prank call. I mean i watch them, but I'd never do it myself to avoid trouble. And besides, it could have been someone that just had something bad happen, like a break up or something worse, or they might think that you are the people that may have been in the situation. And I wouldn't certainly not reccomend prank calling the police, I'd be sitting there scared shit that they would trace it.

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  5. The thing about calling 911 is that even if you find a way so that they can't trace it, you still are getting in the way of real trouble and someone else could be missing out on the care they need.